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Heavenly Horse Print

Category: Fundraiser Items

Print of a watercolour and acrylic painting depicting a colourful, celestial horse galloping across a starry night sky.

All proceeds from Heavenly Horse sales will be donated to Colby's Crew Rescue, a non-profit horse rescue that rescues horses destined for slaughter from the kill pen. Their Big John Initiative focuses on rescuing former workhorses dumped at the slaughterhouse after a life of heavy, unforgiving work, so I chose to use a draft horse as my inspiration (and maybe also because I have a soft spot for draft horses).

Designed and painted by me using watercolour pens and acrylic paint with digitally enhanced lighting and stars and printed from an outside source onto high quality satin photo paper.

Please note: If I don't have any currently in stock, it may take a few extra days to ship as I'll have to order more from the print store!

Thank you for checking out my work, and feel free to message me with any questions!

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