Moonlit Cat Creations is a small business based in Montreal, Canada that focuses on making charming clothing and decorations to add a little bit of joy to daily life.

All items are made-to-order, and each one is made and packed with lots of love and care right from the artist's home.

Our Team

Image of artist: white female person with brown hair leaning against their right hand, looking at the camera with a serious expression

Leya Graie (she/they/he) is the artist behind Moonlit Cat Creations. Leya is a queer, genderfluid actor and artist based in Montreal. A self-proclaimed "Jack of All Trades, Master of Absolutely Nothing", Leya is never content to do just one thing, and makes use of a variety of mediums in anything she does; from spoken word, to music, dance, painting, to equestrianism, anything she can get her hands on. They are especially fond of incorporating the supernatural and the fantastical, as well as nature imagery. Anything to bring a smile to someone's face!

Image of tortoiseshell cat perched on a cat tree yawning in a way that make it look as though it is smiling excitedly

Hamlet (she/her) is a professional lounger and part-time mood booster. She is head supervisor at Moonlit Cat Creations, and oversees every new creation (although she can often be found sleeping on the job). When not hard at "work", you can find her chasing pieces of plastic at 2AM, purring loudly, or judging Leya Graie's life decisions.